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Xia Taptara: A freelance concept artist and illustrator. I previously worked for ArenaNet/NcSoft (GuildWars & GuildWars 2) as a character artist, both concept and 3D, for eight years. I also did various of illustrations and concepts for Square-Enix, Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Fight Games, Game of Thrones, Disney Interactive, and many publishers & clients.

Phone: (064) 974-7485


2011-current, Concept Artist and visual development (Freelance)
-Responsibilities include: Working with the Art Directors and Lead Concept artist to develop the Character and Creature creation pipeline as well as helping to design the look and feel of the characters.
-Demonstrates the ability to work in a professional and timely manner.
-Demonstrates the ability to learn quickly.

2004-2011 Character Concept Artist/3D Character Artist (ArenaNet/NcSoft)
-Concept Artist and Character Artist
-Helped created new player species and professions.
Responsibilities included: design characters, armors, modeling, texturing, binding, and weighting of characters.

2003-2004 Creature Artist/3D Creature Artist (ArenaNet)
-Worked as an environment artist and a creature artist.
-Responsibilities included: 3D modeling and texturing; coordinating design and concept work

February 2000 – February 2003 (Hulabee Ent.)
-Responsible for animating Disney characters for 2D platform game.
-Hand draw and animate frame by frame animation.
-Using Photoshop, Flash and in-house D-paint program.

Maya, 3D Studio Max, Z-Brush, Topologun, Photoshop, Painter, Gimp, Deep Paint, Dreamweaver, Perforce.

Credits Include
Guild Wars 2 (2012)
PathFinder (2012)
Guild Wars: Eye of the North (2008)
Guild Wars: Factions (2007)
Guild Wars: Nightfall (2006)
Guild Wars: Prophecies (2005)
Piglet’s Big Game (2003)
Disney/Pixar Games: Mike’s Monstrous Adventure [Disney/Pixar Classics] (2004)

Book covers, board games, and cards
Renegade Mage (2015)
Snappy & Dashing: A Yellow Hoods Companion Tale #1(2015)
Immortal (2015)
All The King’s-Men: The Yellow Hoods, #3(2015)
HEX: Shards of Fate (2012-2015)
BreadCrumb Trail: The Yellow Hoods, #2 (2014)
Along Came a Wolf: The Yellow Hoods #1 (2014)
Caçadores da Galáxia (2014)
PathFinder (2012-2014)
Game of Thrones (2007-2015)

Clients List
-Synaptic VFX
-PAIZO Publishing
-Voltage Japan Inc
-Fantasy Fight Games
-Darkrose Studio
-ADZO Publishing
-Permuted Press
-Crooked Cider
-Zombie Entertainment
-Game O-Gami
-Siege Ind


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